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Turning Four Years Into Forever

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Let’s just get it out of the way and say what you’re all thinking…

IT’S ABOUT TIME…FINALLY…etc…We’re saying the same thing!

To make things interesting, we’ll give you both sides of the story…So here it goes…

Sarah says:

I grew up in Santa Clarita, went away to Brigham Young University-Idaho for college, then moved back home after graduating. I’ll have you know, I had ZERO intentions of moving back to Santa Clarita after college. I had visions of the east coast and a career in editing swirling around in my head. Think The Devil Wears Prada. We all know that life doesn’t ever go as planned, right? Even though I viewed it as being “stuck” at home, I knew that there HAD to be a reason, a plan, a purpose for me sticking around Santa Clarita (and I’m not saying that meeting and dating and now marrying Seth is the sole reason…but I’d say it’s a pretty awesome reason).

Fast forward a year…and then Seth comes back from his mission and starts attending the singles ward. First impression—Cool! Someone new…Second impression—he’s younger than me, still has school to finish and he’s not taller than me…It’s hilarious to think back and those “deal breakers” aren’t even close to being an issue today. Seth and I “hung out” (insert eye-rolls from every adult at church) casually for a while before we went on “real dates.” That worked out great for us. We became best friends and then started dating—and falling in love just came naturally.

Seth and I dated off and on for almost four years before we seriously considered marriage. I knew he was serious when he wanted to take me to Utah to meet his oldest sister. Sure enough, the day we drove back from Utah he popped the question…at Central Park on the bench we had our first kiss 4 years and one month previous.

Seth and I just click. He tolerates my strange obsession with doughnuts, my cooking “experiments,” and most importantly has gotten over the fact that I actually enjoy country music. We love laughing together and going on mini “adventures.” Our favorite dates include trying out a new restaurant, live music and laughing…a LOT (mainly at each other). Bottom line, we are just so stinking excited to be married and start our new life together!

Seth says:

We both grew up here in Santa Clarita about two miles away from each other, but we really didn’t know each other growing up. Sarah did dig up some picture of us from a stake dance though. Pretty sure the look on our faces says exactly how we feel about 1. Being at a dance and 2. Dancing with each other.

First impression? Who’s that HOT redhead? Just kidding…no really…”She’s pretty cool.”

As for the rest? Ditto. What she said.