General Conference

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In preparation for General Conference, I created journal sheets for my Young Women to take notes on. I don’t know about you, but I pay more attention (i.e., stay awake) when my hands are busy. Whether that means I’m taking notes, doodling, painting, baking, etc, it keeps my mind fresh. I hope it does the same for these girls! For that same reason, I thought I’d share them with you!

The first page features this promise that I love from Elder Uchtdorf,

I invite you to ponder questions you need to have answered. For example, you might yearn for direction and guidance by the Lord regarding challenges you are facing. Answers to your specific prayers may come directly from a particular talk or from a specific phrase. At other times answers may come in a seemingly unrelated word, phrase, or song.

Here’s my challenge to you,

  1. Write a list of questions
  2. Pray specifically about the items on your list
  3. Listen (with your ears and your heart) for answers

I’ve tested this in my life and I also know that you have to be listening with your heart and your ears to get those answers. So put his promise to the test, just be ready to act on your answers.

General Conference Journal :: It's a Wilde LifeBack to the journal we made…The pages are set so that you can print the PDF two to a page, cut the page in half and bind them. I just used some wrapping paper and raffia that I already had on-hand to bind the journals

There is a page for each of the Twelve Apostles, the First Presidency and a few extra generic pages for the other General Authorities’ talks. Just note that since I designed this one for the Young Women to use, there is a place for them to write a few fun facts about themselves, so those questions might not be pertinent to everyone, but that’s okay! Each page also has a tie on it to color in what the speaker’s tie looks like–I don’t think anyone is EVER too old to color 🙂  Feel free to share, but please be respectful and keep it to personal use only.

DOWNLOAD: General Conference Journal :: It’s a Wilde Life

If you’re curious or would like to learn more about my beliefs, feel free to tune in!

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