A Wilde Wedding: Send Me a Postcard

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I’ve always thought the traditional wedding guestbook was kind of strange. I love the idea of looking back and reminding myself of who was there to share my special day, but the book itself is strange. You’re not going to display it. It’s going to be put in a keepsake box and never looked at again.

Knowing I didn’t want to that to happen with mine, I decided to do something a little less traditional and have guests sign their name and give their advice on a vintage postcard. I sourced the postcards from various sellers on Etsy and Ebay. There was a good combination of locations and each card was unique.
When we got back from our honeymoon we had a blast reading everyone’s advice. And their vintage feel was not only perfect for our reception, but can be framed and displayed perfectly I. Our home. . . 906971_10100240286717224_116354661_o

Photography by Burnt Exposure

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