Thanksgiving: The Calm Before the Storm

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Who’s ready for Thanksgiving? Raise your hand.

On the one hand I’ve been counting down the days for what feels like months, and on the other I cannot believe it’s already Thanksgiving. Where has 2013 gone? {Is it just me, or does time speed up the older I get?} I love Thanksgiving–the food, the family…the food…

I think of Thanksgiving as the calm before the storm–the storm of the holidays, that is. You know what I’m talking about. We all get caught in the decorating-baking-partying-shopping-wrapping-fury. So enjoy your Thanksgiving day. Eat a few too many carbs, line your pockets with leftovers (they want you to take the rolls!) and don’t stop til’ you have pie crumbs on your chin. It quite possibly is the last whole, balanced meal you eat before the holiday frenzy.

{Life tips according to Seth: Cook enough for leftovers at Thanksgiving so that you don’t have to cook dinner from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Because of course your Christmas meal should last you from Christmas to New Years. One would think this boy survives solely on leftovers…}

Speaking of leftovers, who wouldn’t want to walk away from their feast with these goodies in-tow?

Goodies to Gofrom The Proper Pinwheel

Thanksgiving Leftover Bagfrom Pizzazzerie

Late Night Snackfrom Bloom Design

Pie Left Overs Printablefrom Studio DIY

So go ahead and get your food-coma on, show some gratitude and get ready because Santa’s coming to town.




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