A Wilde Wedding: All in the Details

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We never had a conversation–it was just a given that my mom and I would DIY my wedding. We are crafters. It’s just in our blood. Also, years of scouring wedding blogs and designing wedding stationery just does that to a person. I’m not sure how long after my engagement was announced I started “pinning” ideas, okay it was probably months before it was even official. My mom literally went through my Pinterest board and researched and printed resources to make each centerpiece idea I had mentioned. That’s no small feat–I had at least a dozen ideas. So what did I decide on? As confusing as it sounds, it was a mixture of all of them and none of them at the same time. Huh?!

You see, matchy-matchy is not my thing. Some say it’s a good thing, other’s say it’ bad. I’m indifferent I decided each table would have a different combination of bottles+dried wild flowers+other miscellaneous rustic themed items. In that sense, each table’s centerpiece was different from the rest. However, they were all grounded with a bottle or jar with wild flowers. So they were all the same. Huh?! I know, my head’s spinning too. But really–it’s true!

Best part is–we had most of the items on hand! My mom and I joke that her life of hoarding collecting decorated my entire wedding reception for a relatively low cost. Thank’s mom!

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Photography by Burnt Exposure

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